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Glass Recycling and Environmental Impact

An important element of the Ambiente housing system is the innovative use of waste glass material. Glass and other silica-based products are the ideal material for the cenospheres, spherical glass beads with air pockets, which are structurally strong, light, air-tight, inexpensive and readily available. These cenospheres are used to manufacture the modular panels of the Ambiente house.

The greatest impact of the recycling element of the production of Ambiente housing is on the environment. By using waste materials, glass, plastic and tires, that are otherwise destined for landfill, where they take up a precious and diminishing resource, space, and last virtually forever, Ambiente is providing a solution to an important problem which plagues all cities and countries in the world.

Ambi-Cells (Glass Beads) and Ambi-Core (Core Material)

Ambiente has patented technology to convert waste glass into glass beads, named Ambi-Cells, and mix them with resin to make Ambi-Core, the core material of the panels.

Ambi-Cells are created by taking waste glass through a proprietary process of crushing, chemical reaction, extrusion and heat resulting in a finished glass bead product ready for use. This process has the capabilities to produce the glass beads to a specified weight and size typically 1/64 inches to ½ inches in diameter.

Ambi-Cells are technically called cenospheres which means that they are perfectly spherical on the exterior but the interior is made up of several cells full of encapsulated air. This cellular structure gives the beads greater strength, lighter weight and greater insulation properties.

The glass cenospheres can also be used for many other purposes in the building industry, such as surface renderings, roof tiles, shower trays, oil spillage cleanup, cavity wall and roof insulation, sound proofing and lightweight insulated concrete.